2023 Wuhan International Creative Design Contest

Design culture is one of the core cultures of a city. Design-driven urban evolution is an important strategy for sustainable urban development. As a City of Design of UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Wuhan has been holding the Wuhan International Creative Design Contest every year since 2019. 

Adhering to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, with "green, digital and innovative" as the guiding direction, the contest has served as an effective media to promote innovation by bringing designing vigor to the city and providing a platform for the designers and institutes. The fifth contest will continue to be held this year, inviting talented designers in China and beyond to participate in the construction of the new design landmark in Wuhan, and to promote further application of engineering design technologies in the areas of urban infrastructure digitalization and intelligent construction.

Giving the City a Brand New Look

With Design as the “Driving Engine”

The objects of the 2023 Wuhan International Creative Design Contest are the design of the upcoming cultural landmark "Wuhan Design Museum" and the BIM application of engineering construction. We invite enterprises, institutions, designers, students, and individuals to participate. The contest will go through stages of call, shortlisting, online display and online voting, exhibition, awarding and so on. The winning works will be exhibited and awarded on the Wuhan Design Day, which is on November 1st, 2023.

The Theme

Integrated Design: Greater Wuhan -- Building Visions With Creativity

Organizational Structure

Host By:

Wuhan Municipal People’s Government

Organized By:

Wuhan Municipal Urban-Rural Development Bureau

Academic Board of Digital Fabrication of The Architectural Society of China

National Center of Technology Innovation for Digital Construction

Supported By:

National Commission of the People's Republic of China for UNESCO

China Engineering & Consulting Association

China Creative Cities Network

China Wuhan Engineering Design Industry Alliance

Implemented By:

Wuhan Exhibition Group

Wuhan Urban Railway Development and Operation Co., Ltd.


August - November 2023


Worldwide professional design enterprises and institutions, designers, teachers and students in school and creative design enthusiasts.

Concept of the Contest

Green, digital and innovation


1. Wuhan Design Museum

1 gold award,  CNY 1,000,000/person before tax;

2 silver awards, CNY 300,000/person before tax;

3 bronze awards, CNY 100,000 /person before tax;

10 merit awards, CNY 40,000 /person before tax.

Several nomination awards, honorary prize.

Participants participating in the design proposal of Wuhan Design Museum are encouraged to output the BIM design proposal of Wuhan Design Museum simultaneously.

2. BIM Application in Engineering Construction - Enterprises and Organizations Group

1 gold award, CNY 300,000/person before tax;

2 silver awards, CNY 100,000/person before tax;

3 bronze awards, CNY 30,000/person before tax;

10 merit awards, CNY 20,000/person before tax.

Several nomination awards, honorary prize.

3. BIM Application in Engineering construction - Universities and Individuals Group

1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 3 bronze awards, and several nomination awards, honorary prize.

To encourage units (including institutions, schools, social organizations, etc.) and individuals (such as advisers, etc.) in actively organizing and participating in the contest, a total of 20 will be awarded, with a bonus of CNY 20,000/unit before tax.

Profile and Requirement

1. Wuhan Design Museum

Wuhan Design Museum is located in the Simeitang Railway Cultural Park of the Wuchang Ecological and Cultural Corridor Project in Wuhan. the 8-2# building (former workshop of China Railway Heavy Machinery Co.Ltd) is the subject of this design proposal, and its main functions are the display, release, communication and demonstration of cultural art and creative design works.

This is an expansion project, located on the north side of the bridge end area of the Second Yangtze River Bridge, adjacent to the core area of Wuchang Binjiang Business District in the south. The project is surrounded by Wuchang River Beach, Simeitang Park and other abundant ecological resources. There are three subway routes (5, 7 and 8) around. The bus lines are dense and the transportation is convenient(Figure 1-3).

Figure 1 Project Location

Figure 2 Current Status of the Site

Figure 3 Dimension figure of the Workshop of China Railway Heavy Machinery Co.Ltd

1. Principals of Design

① Adhering to the concept of "world vision, Wuhan characteristics, and high-point positioning", the entries should be original and iconic, representing pioneering ,inclusive,innovative features of Wuhan architecture . Integrated with the planning of Simeitang Railway Cultural Park , the entry should reach the World-Class Level cultural building standard with symbolic outlooks and first-class quality.

② The entry should focus on publicity and openness of the building, enhance the interactive relationship between citizens and the building, create an atmosphere full of social vitality from the perspective of the public, and drive the area to become a characteristic cultural area with great popularity and vigorous vitality.

③ The submission should follow the principles of green and ecology. It should reflect the design concept of low carbon, energy saving, green, ecological and environmental protection.from the aspects of space, materials and technology of the design itself to ensure the achievement of green building goals.

2. Key Points for Design

① Facilities related to control shall be retained. The design of the Wuhan Design Museum should be carried out based on the recent functions of the building,maintain the building position, retain the overall structure of the building (foundation, steel columns, steel trusses, roof, etc.) in the recent plan, carry out the transformation design of the building, and design the building plan, functional streamline, indoor space, outside facade and other contents in combination based on the relevant architectural functions.

② requirement for construction scale and building height. In principle, it does not exceed the area and building height of the recent plan of the building, and the mezzanine space can be set up, and the scale of the building can be reasonably determined under the condition of ensuring reasonable function and suitable landscape.

③ Integration with the surrounding architecture and environment

In terms of functional arrangement, overall streamlining, façade modeling, etc., it is coordinated with the surrounding buildings and landscape styles, and combined with the layout of 8-1 building stands, the stage display of 8-2 and other functions are considered.

④ Requirements for Green building design.

Determine green building standards, provide low-carbon design for the whole life cycle of buildings, and consider energy-saving strategies during operation such as green energy supply, intelligent management, and building use.

⑤ Functional partition area (reference).

 Total construction area: about 4000㎡. Among them, the public foyer and leisure area are 700 square meters; Wuhan Design Museum Exhibition Hall: 550㎡ (located on the first floor); Multi-function hall: about 1750㎡ (located on the second floor); Management office and storage area: 400㎡; Transportation and auxiliary space: 600㎡.

2. BIM Applications in Engineering Construction

1. Enterprise and institution group
① Entry requirements
Entries should meet the actual needs of the project, reflect the depth of application of BIM technology, application value, promotion feasibility and other factors, and provide a detailed implementation path of BIM technology. The engineering projects for which BIM results are submitted should be projects that have won the bid, are under construction or have not been completed for more than two years.

② Design category
1) Comprehensive application of construction engineering. The application of BIM technology in the entries involves the application of two stages in the design stage, construction phase and operation and maintenance phase, and it is necessary to have actual implementation results in at least two stages, rather than design plans and ideas.
2) Special application category of construction engineering. The application of BIM technology in the entries has bright applications in the design stage or construction stage, or the application of bright spots in civil engineering, mechanical and electrical, steel structure, curtain wall and other projects.
3) Municipal public works. The BIM technology of the entries is implemented and applied in the construction process of municipal public infrastructure projects such as urban roads, urban bridges, urban tunnels, water supply, drainage, and environmental sanitation.
4) Water conservancy, hydropower and energy construction. The BIM technology of entries is applied in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower, electric power, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, new energy, communications and other resources, nuclear energy and information engineering projects.

2. Higher education and individual groups
① Entry requirements
Based on technology, the participating teams will select any city landmark/single building to complete the production of building components, architectural modeling and BIM technology application scheme display.
② Key points for design
Use BIM software to make components, and use components to build scenes (residential, medical, office, hotel and other unit scenes); Apply components and scene design of urban landmark buildings (The scale should be equal to or greater than 1000㎡, and it should be equal to or greater than 2 floors).

Registration and Submission
1. Registration and timetable
For more information, please visit "Wuhan Design Biennale" WeChat public account, "Wuhan a City of Design" official website and official WeChat public account, and "2023 Wuhan International Creative Design Competition" official website.
Please register at "2023 Wuhan International Creative Design Contest" official registration website: http://s.31url.cn/OhNS8jvC.

Registration Deadline: 24:00 October 9, 2023(UTC+8:00)

Submit your entry at www.wh-creative-design.com before 24:00 10 October 2023(UTC+8:00). (The successful submission time of the system shall prevail, and the late submission shall be deemed as invalid entries.)

2. Required Submissions and materials

(1)Competition registration and works

①  Wuhan Design Museum (Directional Design)

The signature and seal of the copyright statement, authorization letter, and other related documents.(scanned copy)

Design scheme (PPT and PDF) 

Animated video (showing the design intent and key points of the plan, and performing multi-angle architectural visualization) 

②  Engineering construction BIM application

The signature and seal of the copyright statement, authorization letter, and other related documents.(scanned copy)

Design scheme (PPT and PDF) 

Animated video (showing the specific application of BIM technology in the design, construction, operation and maintenance stages, including but not limited to drawing review, construction simulation, process disclosure, etc.).

(2)Materials for public display

For printing and offline exhibitions:

One A0 format work (multi-image typesetting), color mode CMYK, format TIF, high-precision (above 300dpi) picture; In addition, renderings of a single work must provide high-precision (above 300dpi) TIF images one by one.

For online display and online voting:

Multiple PNG images of RGB in the same format and color mode, with images not less than 500KB and no greater than 3M.

(3)Other Requirements

Application Folder Name and Description. The name of the main folder must be in the following format: Category (for example, Wuhan Design Museum) - Name of the entry - Name of the entrant (name of the company or the name of the main designer).

Language requirements. Entry materials must be in both Chinese and English. If any material is in a language other than Chinese or English, corresponding translation in both Chinese and English should be provided with authenticity and accuracy.


一:Call (August 20 - October 10)

Entrants should register and submit their works on the website of Wuhan International Creative Design Contest. The submission deadline is 24:00 (GMT+8), October 10, 2023. It is subject to the successful delivery time shown on the system. Late submissions will be deemed invalid.

The judging criteria will be announced in September.

二:Shortlist (October 12 - October 14)

The organizing committee will check the qualification of the entries and produce valid entries according to the entry and submission requirements. Then the judging committee will conduct the preliminary evaluation of the works, and select the shortlisted works for each of the two categories.

三:Online Display and Online Voting(October 16 - October 21)

Through mainstream all-media platforms and the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, the shortlisted works will be announced to the public, and online voting will be conducted.

四:Final Evaluation (October 22 - October 24)

Entrants will display their works on-site or online by presentations and interviewed by the judges. The judges will mark the works accordingly. The final result will consist of judges’ marks (80%) and online voting (20%).

五:Award Announcement, Publicity and Exhibition (November 1)

The winning works will be announced at the "Designers’ Night" of the Seventh Wuhan Design Biennale on November 1,2023 and exhibited during the Biennale, and the result will be publicized globally through mainstream all-media platforms and the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The winner can also participate in the actual construction of the design object.


1. Entries must comply with relevant international technical standards.

2. Entries must be submitted by the owner, the designer, the design team, or the design company of the work, or by the client who commissioned the design work. A work can only be submitted by one entity. If there are multiple submissions of the same work, all relevant registration entities should discuss together and provide an agreement to confirm the submission entity and the bonus distribution plan, otherwise the entry qualification will be canceled.

3. The entrant shall have the right of authorship of the submitted works. The submitted works should be able to be reviewed and displayed through the media, professional magazines, books or other forms with the permission of the host or the organizer of the contest. The host, the organizer and the constructor have the right to use the submitted works in the project consultation, and the right to use the submitted works in whole or in part or modify them when doing a project adjusting and integrating.

4. The design scheme shall be original and has not been published in any form. The design scheme or any materials used to make the design scheme shall not infringe any copyright, trademark, patent or other rights of any third party. The entrant shall take full responsibility for the submitted work. In case of any disputes, legal liabilities and losses caused to the host and the organizer for the above reasons, the entrant shall bear all the costs. If any infringement or plagiarism is found, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the entry qualification, withdraw the award, and reserve the right to initiate relevant legal action.

5. Entrants shall abide by the relevant confidentiality provisions, properly keep the drawings provided by the host of the contest, and protect their intellectual property rights. Without the permission of the host, the drawings or design results shall not be transferred to a third party or used for other projects other than this project. In case of the above situation, the disclosing party shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom.

6. The bonus (pre tax) to the winner of the contest will be paid in RMB within China. If the design institutions or individuals beyond Chinese mainland is unable to collect RMB, legitimate legal persons in Chinese mainland can be authorized to receive the bonus.

7. According to the actual situation, the organizer has the right to adjust the time for prize selection, awarding and display.

8. The contest is free of charge. The entrants participate on a voluntary basis.

9. Works that have been submitted in previous editions of Wuhan International Creative Design Contest shall not be submitted again.

10. The designer or design team of the design scheme that wins the design gold prize of Wuhan Design Museum will be invited to participate in the whole process of the construction of the museum and the implementation and optimizing of the project. The relevant contract will be negotiated separately.

11. Entries and related materials submitted by entrants will not be returned.

12. Office of Joint Conference of Wuhan City of Design Development reserves the right of final interpretation and revision of the rules and procedures of this contest.

Official website of the contest: 


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August 20, 2023